Talk Forms of Inquiry

FIELD’s co-founder Marcus Wendt presented at Push Conference in Munich in October 2013. His talk “Forms of Inquiry” looks at the studio’s creative journey, and why personal inquiries are important to develop authentic and innovative work.


It is surprising how an industry reliant on original ideas, innovation and authenticity often develops dynamics that work precisely against these qualities. In 5 years of FIELD’s adventurous practice the studio has had to develop its own approach in order to maintain a healthy creative balance.

At the center of this is the idea of the Critical Designer: someone who curiously questions the context of their work, their clients and methods. In his talk Marcus will show how this philosophy has led them to exploring new avenues in generative identity systems, non-linear narrative, and emotional data visualisation.

: Push Marcus-portrait-3 by FIELD.IO
: Push Marcus-portrait-7 by FIELD.IO