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One of six visual and technical studies for the series Everyday Experiments by IKEA research lab SPACE10 – exploring how new technologies will redefine how we live at home.

Spatial Instrument – a sensorial shift that makes you perceive space through sound.

This Augmented Reality prototype makes every object in your room play its part in an ever-changing soundscape – challenging your perception and understanding space.

A sensorial translation from sight to sound opens up a new perspective. An experiment to break up how we traditionally validate harmony and balance in interior design.

Machine learning and computer vision allow us to create a digital representation of a room, to recognise and catalogue individual objects.

In an Augmented Reality prototype, we are using this data for sound modulation and spatialized sound emitters, to create an interactive spatial instrument.

A digital 3D representation of space and depth allows you to read and understand your surroundings.

Previously, this kind of information required a custom setup, but having LiDAR in a handheld device, and computer vision AI that can recognise and catalogue individual items in the room, creates possibilities for new experiences.

Spatial Instrument allows you to experience your surroundings, challenge your perception of depth, and understand your space through new senses.

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Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Lead

Xander Marritt


Alice Shaughnessy


Luke Hale


Jonas Otto, Adam Samson