Product Trial turned Experience: A Global Retail Interactive for On Running

When the world’s fastest-growing sports brand On Running first branched into physical retail, they partnered with fashion architects Specific Generic, tracking specialists Motion Metrix, and experience designers FIELD.SYSTEMS, to create a store concept that seamlessly integrates architectural and digital experience – and that scaled from their NYC flagship to 20 retail outlets, pop-ups and events in the space of a year.

: On Running NYC 1082 by FIELD.IO
: nyc-store-page-magicwall front-image by FIELD.IO
: nyc-store-page-magicwall runner-image by FIELD.IO

Architectural Feature – Retail Experience – Future Sales Tool

The Try On experience takes interactive retail to the next level:

Your running motion is analysed along a 12m track with markerless motion capture from three angles. A full biomechanical profile of your running gait is visualised as a digital artwork, analysis parameters, and product recommendations – pairing expert sales advice with data analysis and visualisation.

A smart database supports after sales and long-term customer relationships: when runners come back a few months after their purchase, a direct comparison shows them how the right shoe improves their performance.

: FIELD On-Running Customers-Shoes by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Customers-Screen by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Customers-App by FIELD.IO

Technology-Driven, Human-Centred

Centrepiece of the On NYC flagship store is a bespoke, swiss-engineered wall: with storage for all models and sizes on one side, and a modular digital-physical product display on the other. A high-density LED glows through a metal grid, creating a mesmerizing digital-physical effect – for which the visuals are specifically designed.

: nyc-store-page-shoes-image by FIELD.IO
: On Running NYC 941 by FIELD.IO

Stores worldwide:
NYC Flagship, New York, US
Beijing, China
London Harrods, United Kingdom
Shanghai Kerry Center, China
Shanghai TaiKoo Hui, China
Shanghai Mono #4 Iapm, China
Shenzen, China
Chengdu, China
Hangzhou, China
Tokyo, Japan
Zurich, Switzerland
London Flagship
Miami, Florida, US
Los Angeles, California, US

London Lab, Aug 2021
NYC IPO, Sept 2021
London Marathon, Sept 2021

: FIELD On-Running Shanghai-03 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Shanghai-02 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Shanghai-01 by FIELD.IO
On Running in Shanghai, China
: FIELD On-Running Tokyo-08 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Tokyo-01 by FIELD.IO
On Running Flagship in Tokyo, Japan
: FIELD On-Running Tokyo-09 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD On-Running Tokyo-07 by FIELD.IO


Commissioned By

On Running

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt


Vera-Maria Glahn

Creative Direction

Paul Brenner

Head of Production

Jamie Raap

Technical Direction

Claus Helfenschneider


VanTa, Frederic Brodbeck, Riccardo Torresi, Shadi El Hajj