: FIELD-x-Space10-Fort-Builder-Prototype-Crop by FIELD.IO

One of six visual and technical studies for the series Everyday Experiments by IKEA research lab SPACE10 – exploring how new technologies will redefine how we live at home.

Fort Builder taps into the creativity every human being has: to build a cosy place from whatever we can find.

Fort building is a ubiquitous childhood experience of interior design, and a case in point for reimagining everyday objects: blissfully ignoring the assigned functions of everyday objects, seeing the building blocks for a stately castle wherever you look.

As an interactive 3D game, Fort Builder allows you to scan real objects from your home and arrange them into the most daring stronghold – ignoring the limits of gravity until you release them into a toppling tower.

: FIELD x Space10 Fort Builder Ladder by FIELD.IO
: FIELD x Space10 Fort Builder Arc by FIELD.IO

An ode to the simple pleasure of smashing things, without doing any real damage to Mama’s best vase. And an important reminder that being locked in at home is not a limitation to creativity.


Commissioned by


Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Lead

Xander Marritt


Alice Shaughnessy


Nicolas Le Dren, Ariel Lu, Adam Priester


Adam Samson


Combustion Studio