Molten rock collides with a typographic shell. A series of digital gemstones, created as key visuals for the Dark Matters exhibition at Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

Inspired by the title of the show, the forms are generated using a physical simulation of molten rock that collides with an exterior, typographic shell creating obscure translucent letterforms.

: FIELD darkmatters1 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD darkmatters6 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD darkmatters2 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD darkmatters5 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD darkmatters3 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD darkmatters4 by FIELD.IO


Design + Direction


Commissioned by

Creative Concern


Whitworth Gallery

Concept + Design

Marcus Wendt

Project Management

Vera-Maria Glahn


Creative Concern


Shoot The Living