18 Jun 2014

Why digital art matters
The Guardian

The brewing excitement around the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition sets the scene to James Bridle’s article Beyond Pong: Why Digital Art Matters in The Guardian.

The article reveals the stories and relevance of various sections within the exhibition, such as “We Create” citing the pioneering The Johnny Cash Project and the popular Minecraft or “The Creative Spaces” with features from Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Also “Digital Archeology” shares Susan Kare’s first web icons but is sadly unable to feature anything from the original World Wide Web because everything was updated, not even a screenshot was saved.

Bridle also looks quite critically at the role of cultural institutions, advertising agencies and cinema in the development of our digital environment in the context of its social, political and artistic roles.

“From the GPS that give us directions to the drones that drop bombs, the digital shapes our culture at every level. So why is digital art still a sideshow?” As a groundbreaking new exhibition opens, James Bridle looks at pioneering works from the first arcade games to films made fully in CGI – and argues that it’s high time we took it seriously.