14 Nov 2016

As stylish as abysmal: DNA becomes a campaign
PAGE Magazine

by Sabine Danek

Making visible what is actually invisible is one of the many strengths of the London creative studios FIELD, whose clients include Nike, Adidas, as well as Stella McCartney, Diesel, and the British Library.

FIELD lets typefaces move, transforms run of the mill into a colourful rush, brings digital moons to rise, or translates data into a living picture.

Once again FIELD visualises the speciality of the new first blend malt Ultis in an entirely unique way.Since 0.1% of the genetic code of a human being ensures it is unique, the creative studio has transferred this to the Ultis malt and the Essence campaign developed.

Taking the ‘Essence of Life’, as man’s DNA is also called, FIELD connected the essence of malt with the DNA of Chivas’ master distillers and turned this into a flowing motion design in brown-yellow-beige, which corresponds with the colour of the malt.The motion design is presented as installation in the five big distilleries of Chivas Regal, and on TV as a commercial campaign.

While FIELD not only converts the core of the new malt into images, it also skilfully fits with the aesthetics, in the organic design and colours, the modern spirit of the time, and lets you think about amber, flowing gold or heavenly bodies.