26 Oct 2016

Automation Threatens to Make Graphic Designers Obsolete
AIGA Eye On Design

: hero by FIELD.IO

AIGA: Eye On Design writes about the future of generative design + computer aided creativity featuring our 10.000 paintings.

» London’s FIELD takes this automated approach into highly creative territory, its work uniting the worlds of art, technology, and design with technical flair and keen aesthetics. The studio’s work for paper company GF Smith is an interesting example of an algorithmically augmented process being applied in a commercial graphic design context. Field created a digital 3D structure with the help of an algorithm, rendering over 10,000 images of this structure from various angles and vantage points. The final part of the process was hand-editing the output of the program, making sure that each image was sufficiently stunning to be used commercially. A true designer/algorithm collaboration.

The process here is very much led by FIELD — from the outset they’re determining the parameters, the program, and therefore the output. It’s a human brain synthesizing experienced visual cues built up over years of working as a designer, setting the creative direction, then using an algorithm to help bring that to life. But what if you could encourage the program to synthesize the information for you, and generate an outcome based on the experience with that data? «