Making of Malcolm Ryan Studios

: FIELD Malcolm Ryan Shoot 2 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD Malcolm Ryan Shoot 3 by FIELD.IO

It’s been a hot and busy summer here at FIELD! Our most ambitious campaign project to date is about to go public in just a couple of weeks.

Here’s a few behind the scenes snapshots at the fantastic Malcolm Ryan Studios — working with a cast of 6 actors, dollies, cranes, lot’s of high-end camera equipment and obviously very intricate CG treatments meant mastering a LOT of challenges in the last few weeks.

Thanks to an amazing team effort our render farm is now chewing through a terabyte of 3D simulation and model data and the final steps of post-production have begun.

: FIELD Malcolm Ryan Shoot 1 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD Malcolm Ryan Shoot 5 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD Malcolm Ryan Shoot 4 by FIELD.IO
Photography by James Medcraft.
Sep 2016